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Honest Answers to Important Home Energy Questions

At Keyser Energy, “integrity” isnʼt a buzzword. Itʼs our everyday policy. Over the years, weʼve earned the trust of our customers by making service a priority. Part of that service includes frank answers to frequently asked questions.

Our primary propane source is North America. With about 90% of the United Statesʼ
propane supply being produced domestically, itʼs a cost-efficient energy source which is
readily available.
Propane can be used for just about anything; from heating, to cooking, to power
generation. Propane can be used as your primary heating source, but also for heating
water, cooking, drying clothes, barbequing, running your gas fireplace or space heater,
and powering your generator during power outages.
It is highly unlikely that you will run out of propane when you sign up for worry-free Automatic Delivery. No matter what you use propane for, weʼve got you covered by monitoring things like household usage, weather, and local power outages. And with a full fleet of trucks, weʼre in your neighborhood everyday. Check out the towns we serve.
First, review our No Heat? Checklist – you may be able to start your system on your
own. Of course, you can also call Keyser Energy at 802-459-3349. We offer 24/7
emergency service. All our technicians are licensed, insured, and employees of Keyser
Energy. Our service vehicles are equipped to address most issues.
Weʼll take care of you, from choosing the right equipment through the installation. Our
buying power on ENERGY STAR certified systems allows us to pass the savings on to
you. We also offer high-efficiency systems that can help you save on your monthly
bills. Click here to get a free system evaluation and quote.
If you think you smell gas in or around your house, it could be because you're running low on propane or a dangerous leak. You should immediately take the following steps:
  • Evacuate everyone from the house.
  • Do not turn light switches on or off, or operate any phones.
  • Shut off the propane tank supply valve at the tank.
  • Call 911.
  • Call Keyser Energy immediately at 802-459-3349 and we will send a service technician out right away.
With Keyser Energy, “full-service energy provider” means just that: heating oil, heating
and cooling equipment, generators, installation and service.
Our pricing options include Variable, Fixed and Capped price
plans. We also offer payment options like a Budget Plan, online bill pay,
and automatic deduction. With so many options, youʼll have greater control over market
volatility – and how you spend your money.
Have more questions? Call us anytime, weʼre here to help. 802-459-3349.
Save on Propane for your Home or Business. Find out how to save money when you switch propane providers. 24 Hour Emergency Service. Contact us now for service on your heating system or cooling system. Sign up now to pay your bill online. Refer a Friend for their Propane provider. We'll credit your account as soon as your friend takes their first delivery of propane.